14lb brown trout caught in New Zealand

a clip of Russell Frost catching a monster brown trout in the South Island of New Zealand. Circa 1999. The first and only fish he cast to that day!

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  1. PretzerKos says:

    Great!!!!!! And very nice film!

  2. bevillenz says:

    Love the old System 2, I have one of those!

  3. danfr0st says:

    @PretzerKos Was over a decade ago my brother and I shot this video!
    Once he returns from the UK later this year we plan to shoot some more so stay tuned! Think how big that fish will be now! Thanks for your comment.

  4. thesamwise007 says:

    yeah boy! the most amazing part of this video is the relative calm you exude after having just caught a 14…..pound……trout……! i imagine i would be acting pretty girlie about the whole thing.

  5. espressonik says:

    choice Russ, brings back memories.

  6. 1fen says:

    Way to do it!

  7. bomberboy242 says:

    You should get 2 trophys.

  8. Dolphivir says:

    amazing ^^

  9. barneyhughes says:


  10. RetroZF says:

    what a big fesh

  11. JokiBroki says:

    great fish and great way to release it. you know what you are doing.

    tight lines!

  12. H8UZNB8 says:

    Bruiser!  Nice job!

  13. SetTheHookProduction says:

    For some reason this reminded me of a less frantic version of that famous scence from A River Runs Through It.

  14. danfr0st says:

    @SetTheHookProduction Thanks for the comment and compliment – What a great film that is!

  15. SetTheHookProduction says:

    @danfr0st You got that right! Kind of a stereotypical view on fly fishing hahaha but how can anyone not love it?

  16. everest001 says:

    Great film, thanks … as a matter of interest what weight leader and tippet might you use in that sort of setting? I fish Iceland for browns and find I have to go pretty heavy and the fish I catch are a distance short of half the weight of that beautiful trout you had there.

  17. the430movie says:

    Why i like this film……
    He’s not endorsed by Trout Ult’d….
    He’s not wearing SIMMS waders…
    He’s not fishing with Orvis or Sage equipment….
    He kept this video simple and to the point….

  18. danfr0st says:

    @everest001 thanks – I think my brother replied to you regarding the technical stuff!

  19. Smurfette1992 says:

    What river did you catch that massive boy in! That’s a good size male if i’ve ever seen on

  20. everest001 says:

    @danfr0st Yes, he did thanks. Great film by the way … I don´t know how he managed to coax that thing in on such light line. Amazing. Cheers.

  21. danfr0st says:

    @Smurfette1992 – It was such a long time ago I can’t remember the name of that river ; >

  22. Smurfette1992 says:

    @danfr0st aw man would of been keen to fish there

  23. uomorana71 says:

    why don’t you use a pair of waders?

  24. jmabin1 says:

    Great fish.

  25. ecoraftingadventures says:

    nice one russell! long time no see

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