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Fly Fishing In Alaska

Wilderness Fly Fishing In South Central Alaska at Lake Marie Lodge. A fly in wilderness fishing adventure that captures one week at the peak of Silver Salmon season in August of 2011. Produced by Ron Blome Productions. Tweet This Post


Bamboo Fly Rods & Fly Fishing Collectables

Got a basement full 8ft The Phillipson Powerpak is going to the Pa Fly Fishing Museum, it was Paul Berger’s rod, the Honey Bug Guy, Paul was from Trout Run Pa I believe? Tweet This Post


Downstream ~ Testing Trout – Fly Fishing Trailer

There is an underground cult of hardcore fly anglers in Ontario obsessed with chasing wild trout in virtually untouched waters. For many, the only way to experience these streams is vicariously, through stories and myths passed down from generation to generation. Those who know these streams keep them secret and hold them close. Most of […]


3 Fly Reel Review

quick look at 3 affordable fly reels Tweet This Post


Fly fishing a fat New Zealand trout – 2012 – Torpedo fishing rods

This epic fight toke place on the 13th March 2012, in the New Zealand’s South Island, from 13.59 to 14.17. A 20 minutes fight for a trout is a very long time, something that doesn’t happen often. Hooked on the edge of the upper part of the mouth with a small nymph, he had no […]


Mudy Lake Rainbow Trout – Fly Fishing 2011/04/07

I catch Rainbow Trout. Tweet This Post


Perfection Loop Knot – Fishing Knots – Fly Fishing Knots

Capt. Chris Myers shows how to tie the perfection loop for use in your fishing leaders, your fly fishing line, or anywhere you need a loop. The perfection loop is the best knot to use in the butt section of your fly leaders so you can make a loop tp loop connection with your fly […]


Flyfishing 101 (How to clean your Fly reel)

Rick Passek is an Author,FlyFishing Instructor and Guide. This Video on how to keep your fly reel clean and working correctly. Tweet This Post


Guided Drift Boat Fly Fishing In Wyoming Dunoir Fishing Adventures

Ready to watch a fun drift boat fly fishing adventure from Wyoming? Then you will definitely want to see this short fly fishing video! Dunoir Fishing Adventures offers Year-round guided drift boat fly fishing and scenic float trips on the Bighorn River, Green, and Snake River. Catch Rainbow trout and Brown trout (like what […]

Read More... Paul Procter river fly fishing for marble trout in slovenia. May fly.

Paul Procter, Trout and Salmon journalist spends a typical week on Slovenia’s rivers with Kevin Smith, the owner and guide from Europe’s undiscovered fly fishing gem. Tweet This Post