406 productions – huge brown and rainbow trout eat drys on missouri river

dry fly fishing on missouri river 2008 summer

25 Responses to “406 productions – huge brown and rainbow trout eat drys on missouri river”

  1. umphishin says:

    Missouri river in what state? if you don’t mind me asking. By the way, awesome video! That looks like some exciting fishing. Nice work with the camera!

  2. donaleco1 says:

    real beauties…take care for them!

  3. bass109 says:

    cool try tackletour if you want to post some of those giant fish… nice video…

  4. sidosido3 says:

    nice film

  5. dejongefamily says:

    Fantastic video! What kind of camera did you use to get the underwater shots? Were you using a polarizing lens?

  6. apabrato says:

    One of the best videos i seen; slow motion takes waooo 5 stars all the way. Where is this fly fishing heaven ?

  7. 406productions says:


  8. BrownTrout117 says:

    sweet video…some amazing fish there.

  9. cameron1684 says:

    wow what a great video, nice work

  10. humbldsrvnt says:

    Yo, that just made my day! Kinda reminds me of my time on the Colorado last year. What dries were you using?

  11. 406productions says:


  12. aksealice says:

    the best vid of the mo awesome job

  13. mgeiman says:

    This video brings back fond memories of fishing the MO in 07. I want to go back! The best dry fly fishery in the world!

  14. jteran29 says:

    Fished with Kelly last week on the MO. He is the professer.

  15. ArcticFishing says:

    Nice vid, gr8 work!

  16. A1GRIGGS says:

    i wanna fish too

  17. ArchieNewell1 says:

    Pretty work. I was there a few weeks ago and it was still fishing ok. What time of year was this filmed? thanks

  18. 406productions says:

    two weeks ago

  19. ArchieNewell1 says:

    nice, mostly above or below Craig?

  20. KillyMcGhee says:

    god damn that looks like soo much fun

  21. rpiluke says:

    One of the better fishing vids , I have seen .

  22. ghost10crj900 says:

    Great Video! Very Professional.

  23. fishwithandy says:

    This vid is so good , the slow mo footage and that dub , simply Awesome

  24. darkmossie633 says:

    great video-true sportsmen, letting fish go quick-an education for would-be trout fishermen
    -did yu keep the odd one or two for dinner!?

  25. 406productions says:

    never keep fish here in montana

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