A good fly fishing rod and reel combo?

I have a fly fishing rod and reel combo but its really old (40+ years) and I want a new rod+reel combo. I mostly fish for large mouth and small mouth bass and bluegill. But when the steelhead are running at Lake Erie I want to be able to take the rod with me to fish for steelhead with it. I am only 16 so I have to buy this rod and reel so I would like it not to be more than 0. If you guys/girls have any suggestions please tell me. Thanks!
what do the different line weights mean Backwater? Will the fish not hit if you dont have the correct line weight

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  1. Allen Gardner says:

    In my opinion, if your budget is only 150 for rod and reel. spend almost all of it on the rod. a reel is 2nd in importance.

    I would recommend looking at TFO – Temple Fork Outfitters

    Lifetime warranty and the guy who makes the rods used to make sage, a very high quality rod, but he was sick of people paying to much, so he left and made just as good of a rod at a 10th of the price. lefty kreh is his name.

    If you want an all around rod for bluegill up to steel head, i would get a 6 weight. 7 weight is my thoughts if you don’t fish bluegill all that much. the bigger the fish the bigger the fly you will throw thus the bigger the rod you will need.

    best of luck!
    Tight lines!

  2. Backwater Charlie says:

    You’ll need a much larger fly rod for bass/steelhead than bluegill, and it would also be better to have a rod in between the two for smallmouth. For bass/steelhead, a 7wt rod should suffice but up to a 9 and down to a 6wt will work depending on size of fish. Best to stay around 7 or 8.

    Bluegill you should go around a 3wt rod. For smallmouth, a 5 or 6wt rod is best. Some guys on here can help ya with brands/reels, I can’t really help with much..

  3. dave ford says:

    Check out cabelas they have some rods that are lighter weight that are about 30-40bucks. I know walmart has some fly fishing rods for decent prices but i don’t know the quality of them (probably low) and where they sell them i found ones up north in mn.

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