A Mornings Trout Fishing – Fly Fishing 2012

The rivers were almost in condition for the first time it what fell like months so I headed out for a quick mornings fly fishing on the River Wharfe! I got to the river early on Sunday morning to get in a quick session before lunch. The river looked good although a little coloured, but after all the rain Yorkshire has had in the past weeks it was a joy to be fishing running water again! The takes on this morning seemed hard won but maybe that was just me being a bit rusty after all the stillwater fishing I’ve been having to do over the past month or two… Having said that the hour or so I was fishing was great and lets hope the rain stays off so I can get back out there soon! Thanks for watching.

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  1. IIxSTR3TCHxII says:

    nice fish pal just got in to fly fishing and love it never fished a river only stillwaters

  2. EoinC2K11 says:

    Great video. Its great to see you uploading river videos again. They’re definitely your best. Keep ’em coming!!

  3. yorkshireangler says:

    Thanks guys ;)

  4. YorkshireFlyNovice says:

    Nice video as always mate. Sod’s law getting fish hitting the indicator but it’s always going to happen now and then lol. I haven’t been able to hit the rivers since the start of the month and only managed a couple of hours on my club pit – need to change that!

  5. jgreenwood949 says:

    Hi mate, just subscribed, great videos! I’ve been a keen course angler for years, but decided to give fly fishing a proper go now as all im wanting to do is get on the river wharfe by ilkley and fish exactly like this! i have a couple of lessons booked to get my cast right then away i go, hopefully! Where exactly is this on the wharfe?

  6. yorkshireangler says:

    @YorkshireFlyNovice Cheers mate, it was good to get out after all the rain!

  7. yorkshireangler says:

    @jgreenwood949 Thanks mate, I was fishing just upstream of Ilkley at Addingham.

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