Baitcaster vs fly fishing?

I have 3 spinning reels and I am ready to try something new. Would a baitcaster or fly rod work best for carp/bass/bluegill? I fish mostly in a large farm pond. Which would be the easiest to fish with? Thanks!

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  1. Grand Master BasserĀ® says:

    You’d have more fun using the fly rod for all three, except you’ll need different weight rods for them. A 2 to 4 weight for bluegills, a 6 to 8 weight for bass and at least an 8 weight for the carp.

    The easiest would be the spinning reels of course.

    As far as baitcasters go… pretty much the same thing with the fly rods, except instead of worrying about rod and line weights, you’ll need to worry about line weights and rod actions. Ultralight for bluegills, medium heavy for carp and medium heavy to extra heavy for bass.

  2. Brian W says:

    If you want one rod that will catch all three, you better stick with a spinning setup. If your gonna get a baitcaster, you will have a very difficult time casting small jigs or a bobber setup for bluegill. I personally use all 3 that your talking about for different things. Fly fishing is very fun and is like an art form. It is also very expensive to do right. Like the other answerer said, you need different weight rods depending on what your fishing for. A 5 wt. will be good for bluegill and bass up to 3 or 4 pounds, but for carp you definitely want something bigger.

    If your wanting to lure fish for bass or bottom fish for carp get the baitcaster. Use the spinning reel for your bluegill. This is the next logical step for you most likely.

  3. wana bigger bike says:

    your comparing apples to bannas yes they are both fruits but different. if you are wanting to try something new then go with a fly rod its great fun taking 12 inch smallies on a 5 wt fly rod. and even funner taking big carp on a 5 wt (even though i dont fish for carp i guess they fight like mini salmon. they would both be easy to fish with if the bank of this pond is open but if it has a lot over cover like bushes and trees youd be best off with bait caster but if you have plenty of room to cast the fly rod would be WAY funner.

    as far as rods you could buy a 9 foot 5 weight rod and it would be the best all around for you. but if you dont mind buying 2 fly rods get a little 3 or 4 weight for the bluegills and a 6 maybe 7 weight for bass and carp. but if you are careful and dont muscle the fish in you can take a 20 pound fish on a 5 wt.

    but just make sure you have a bigger fly reel with some extra backing because a big carp if he can run far will run and you dont want him to hit the end of your line. lol trust me on that.

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