Ben Flajnik’s Fly Fishing Group Date Part 1

Ben Flajnik’s Fly Fishing Group Date Part 1 The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 4 January 23, 2012 Jamie Otis, Kacie Boguskie, Lindzi Cox, Blakeley Jones, Nicki Sterling, Samantha Leavy, Casey Shteamer, Courtney Robertson

24 Responses to “Ben Flajnik’s Fly Fishing Group Date Part 1”

  1. 19827364 says:

    Courtney is the Wicked Witch of the West.

  2. FlossAus says:

    It’s funny because in this date, although they’re trying to make Courtney look like the villain – everything she’s saying isn’t wrong. Of course, behind the scenes who knows what else she is saying and the annoying baby voice is fake but her words aren’t truly Bentley evil.

  3. marwitta says:

    why the HELL cnt he see how fake courtney is

  4. 19827364 says:

    Samantha got owned.

  5. sweetnica1220 says:

    thank you codebear!

  6. SuperPerfect10 says:

    @marwitta ikr

  7. UndoItxRawr says:

    awww kacie b is adorableeee <3

  8. lillebanz says:

    some girl thought it’s easy to catch men? really?

  9. DNAisDestiny says:

    Samantha: “I should have a ring on my finger!”

    Ben: “We should end this right now!”

  10. mpharn says:

    I sure hope the rumors arent true cause Courtney is a beetch!

  11. arielellen says:

    Wow Samantha’s attitude was disgusting. Why the hell would she expect a one-on-one date when there are so many other women that want one too…she acts like it should just be handed to her. I agree with everything Ben said about her. She seems like an emotional whack job. And I don’t understand why everyone thinks Courtney is so evil…she just seems like a very confident woman to me and it’s a threat to the other girls and that scares them. She’s just different, in my opinion.

  12. M377777 says:

    even ben says i like spending time with courtney. irony. considering shes a mean bitch.
    ben is pretty straight forward to samantha which is kind of rude. i never see someone so rude like this before not considering at least she has a heart. he can do it at home, not on national television or maybe do it at rose ceremony.

  13. toodlesdm says:

    Everyone is concerned about what Courtney is like. Maybe they should be more concerned with the time they get with Ben. They are letting her get time with him.
    On another note, I love how Lindze, who could have out rode all those women on the horses brought up the back end of the line of horses and was also encouraging those who were uncomfortable. This is not the Courtney show but that is the way they are producing it.

  14. bee3105 says:

    Gotta wonder about Ben and Courtney ….. She is acting as if she has this whole thing sewn up and the rest of the girls are there for her enjoyment. She is unbelievable and I don’t think she is being edited to be the bitch, I think she is one! It’s the same situation as Bentley in Ashley’s season. There is no way he was edited to be the bastard, he just was one!

  15. bee3105 says:

    @M377777 Exactly!! I so agree with you. There is being honest and then there is being honest to save someone’s feelings. That was pretty awful for Samantha!

  16. 13themuse says:

    Kacie B gets on my nerves….I mean we get it you like him but seriously that is the point of the show….you need to share him.

  17. rettebenola says:

    i think courtney, in her younger years, was a bully. until now, she is, really!

  18. tgikoli says:

    Lindzi for the bachelorette. Courtney to win; kaki B u deserve better than Ben

  19. actfightmove says:

    OMG Courtney’s a sociopath.

  20. brinamartens says:

    love kacie b!!! favourite for sure. Thumbs up if you think she looks like a mix between jillian harris and sandra bullock! :p

  21. bertotrbn says:

    Catch and Release! Jesus!

  22. MsKittyCalico123 says:

    @13themuse ok you would be the same way if you were in love look at it that way

  23. RelientJules says:

    Woooow. Ben is NOT good at breaking up with girls!! He’s so harsh and unapologetic. Wow. Douche.

  24. RelientJules says:

    @brinamartens Me tooo! I’ve kinda got a little bit of a girl crush on her, hah.

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