Best Canadian Fly In Fishing place?

I am hoping to go on a Fly in fishing trip in Canada this year. Can anyone recommend a good place at a reasonable price.
I am currently looking at Wilderness North but they do seem a bit on the expensive side.

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  1. DM says:

    this place is very good
    but this place seems to be the cheapest
    you get what you pay for remember that

  2. snoodshooter says:

    Green’s fly in camps on Red Lake ontario. They fly to 7 or 8 other lakes off of red lake. I’ve been to Pedlar lake through green’s and was happy with our week. Not overly pricy, but you’ll see nothing fancy when your there. Once they fly you in, you are on your own. No people, no phones, no toilets (just an outhouse), and definately no guides. We were the only 4 people on the lake the whole week. We caught alot of walleye, most of them around the 20-24 inch range. We caught some northern as well. It seems like we caught alot of fish just not alot of huge fish. No 8 pound walleye or anything like that. Good times though, I can’t wait to go back.

  3. AIRFLOW says:

    What species are you targeting and with what method, i suggest fly fishing for grayling and salmon, its fantastic in almost all of rural Canada, try this

  4. hansodde67 says:

    Cree Lake SK, Boreal Camp Services, Lake LaRongue. GRET place fly in only, 7 of the 10 guys i went with caught 40" northerns on FLY RODS!! Mine was 441/4" 20.5 lbs. we caught 15 or more fish per person each day. phone Mort 306-425-2437.

  5. monster says:

    West of the yukon territory…Anywhere in the .."Greatland"…we call it….

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