Best kind of fly fishing rod?

I’m looking to buy a fly fishing rod for my husband. I know NOTHING about fly fishing rods, except that I want one with only 2 pieces if possible. I want either a G.Loomis or Orvis or Stcroix…
Can you please find me one that will be a good entry level rod but will still last? Thanks!
Live in VA, river/creek fishing, and 200$ or less

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  1. joed says:

    Try the fly rod selector at There is also a phone number where you can speak with a tech who will guide you to the right rod in your price range.

    The Orvis Clearwater rods are an excellent value and come with a 25 year breakage warranty with a price starting around $160:

  2. programmgr1 says:

    Please add where do you live and what he usually fishes for, does he travel a lot, stream, lake or ocean and most important budget.
    Add: Some times a fly rod is a very personal choice. You may be better served with a visa gift card or gift certificate to a shop like Bob Marriotts. This way he can pick his own rod. You maybe thinking about a 9′, two piece, 5 weight rod and he may have his heart set on a 3 piece rod. It’s not insulting to use a gift card. It shows you where on a train of thought but, you know it’s a personal choice. If he fishes streams and creeks, he may want a shorter lighter rod because of overhanging branches and smaller fish.
    ADD+ Dont worry about your buget, you can always find a fly rod that will suit your needs.

  3. alex says:

    go to cabelas. they have the best selection and fly shop

  4. Al S says:

    Fly rod , need to know what he will be fishing for Bass – Trout OR TARPIN / Bluegill G-loomis/Orves or St.Croix $300.or so Y not start with a $30.00 dollar rig Like a 7.6 ft rod an automatic reel and air-cell fly -line for under $60. bucks then if he likes fly fishing hell tell you what ‘s next but $450 to $600 to start fly fishing is ridiculous. If you shop around you will find what I’m talking about.

  5. e.b. says:

    Rod choice is a personal choice. It’s hard to have someone else…even your spouse…pick and choose what will work best for you.

    First, I’d check out what fly shops are within a reasonable distance to you. Establishing a relationship with a good shop will go a long way for seeing the novice fly angler off to a good start. Orvis also has company stores in VA; perhaps one is near you. But check out all the shops. Harry Murray’s fly shop in Edinburg has been around since the early 60s.

    Blindly purchasing a gift cert for the sake of having something to present to your husband might work for some things, but I’d avoid doing this for his first rod. Let him pick out exactly what he wants at a good shop. Doing anything else could mean just wasting your money on the wrong rod or a rod that he soon outgrows.

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