Bluegill Fly-Fishing on Lake Mauzy

One out-of-the-way place for fishing is Union County – Lake Mauzy. Located at the Higginson Henry Wildlife Management Area, it’s one of many smaller lakes that dot the state. There, Farmer trolls his way to bluegill.

12 Responses to “Bluegill Fly-Fishing on Lake Mauzy”

  1. Dudgi66 says:

    Did you lose your right hand or is that just the way to fly fish?

  2. TheCatFan21 says:

    @Dudgi66 Tim lost use of his right arm from the shoulder down in a motorcycle accident. He can still fish and hunt, though.

  3. Sasquatch7foot says:

    Tim, I’m entertaining the idea of trying some fly fishing for Bluegill…… Like to know if I have to use a tapered leader. Could I just use a plain 2-4# mono for my leader cause they are too expensive for me to keep on re-tying every few fish. I know that Bluegill aren’t that fussy, but I’d like to hear your opinion on it….

  4. DryPondFishing says:

    Very good video, ill fly fish for panfish over spinfishing for them everyday off the week.
    And also Tim, you should think about playing basketball, you were throwing them gills in the livewell everytime lol

  5. ipodfishingreview says:

    is that an electic fly rod

  6. FloridaRaider says:

    nice video..always love fly fishing

  7. DryPondFishing says:

    @Sasquatch7foot Yes you can use regular mono line. Ive caught pretty much the same amount of fish with mono and a tippet leader. For Bluegill it doesnt really matter.

  8. Sasquatch7foot says:

    @DryPondFishing Is there a lb test that is any better than others for pan fish…. I plan on using foam terrestrials….

  9. DryPondFishing says:

    @Sasquatch7foot 2-6 pound line should do just fine, its what i use when i use mono

  10. fishnkid1923 says:

    @Sasquatch7foot i use 4 lb or 6 lb if im fishin in a river where i might hook somethin a carp

  11. IOWAFISHERMAN10 says:

    Hey what were you using for bait

  12. BIGboy2987 says:

    What happened to your arm?

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