Bonefish fly fishing in Nassau, Bahamas

Fly fishing for bonefish in the flats of Nassau with our guide Aaron Bain who took me wading for bonefish in skinny water using fly rods. We left Atlantis and we were fishing minutes later. For more details visit:

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  1. Fishingstyle101 says:

    Just got back from the cruise and didn’t catch anything. I went fishing on the beach behind Atlantis there in Nassau. It sucked that the security guard told me to stop fishing. Oh well, I still had fun on the cruise.

  2. albieonthefly says:

    Sorry to hear that. Fishing is often frustrating, but you learn something new everytime. Maybe when you go back to Nassau you can spend a little more time fishing or book a guide and you will probably get a bone.

    Good luck!

  3. 00kittylicker says:

    i love my island so much and im 100%bahamian we should enjoy our country as the guest do so lets straighten up

  4. tyonthefly says:

    nice bone! just got back from mexico caught my first bone…
    man they peal line!
    ……….check out my BONEFISH and other flyfish vids……………….

  5. miguelpah says:

    Wow, nice bone the last one. Congrats

  6. albieonthefly says:

    Thank you sir!

  7. BroWiz says:

    going bone fishing day after tomorrow!!

  8. albieonthefly says:

    Best of luck, let us know how you do.

  9. ptajs93 says:

    Hey. I am going to Atlantis this spring break. I am new to salt water fly fishing, but I have some expirience with freshwater fly fishing. Do you have a advice on how to start? How did u find your guide? Did you use your own gear? Thanks!!!!

  10. albieonthefly says:

    Hi, sounds like you are going to have a great time, Nassau and it’s people are fantastic. I found my guide Aaron through his brother Simon Bain and I would recommend you book a guide even if it is only for a few hours to have the best shot at finding bonefish. Bring a 9-8wt floating line outfit with small flies #2-6 (gotchas, charlies etc) and flouro leaders. Feel free to email me if you want more details and let us know how you do on your trip.

    Good luck!

  11. phil2300000 says:

    hey nice try bone fish simon in nassau bahamas he can take you to the biggest bone fish school in the bahamas if u do go just ask´╗┐ him to go to the school on rose island in this school u have 10 ponders to 30 ponders and if u dont have a rod he will lend u a rod and teach u how to flyfish if u dont know how to he is just the best

  12. catchbonefish says:

    BigBone Aaron was thought well by his younger brother BonefishSimon five years ago!

  13. albieonthefly says:

    Indeed, thanks Simon!

  14. leeble611 says:

    there are no bonefish in flamingo lake

  15. theflyfishkid says:

    My friend invited me on a cruise, to this very island! Im not one for cruising but i am one for fly fishing! Is it easy to catch fish there? I wouldnt have enough for a guide, id Probobally be borrowing a friends rod.

  16. linkjare says:

    that’s quite a nice fish, good effort.

  17. albieonthefly says:

    Thank you!

  18. Fishingstyle101 says:

    Hey you definitely know how to catch them bones don’t ya! Can you please give me the link to Aaron Bain’s website or a link to him? Much appreciated!

  19. albieonthefly says:


    You can call Aaron at (242) 544-9943 or email him at

    New website will be released soon. Good luck!

  20. spyhunter2010 says:

    da bone feesh fight hard

  21. albieonthefly says:

    Yeah, they are awesome.

  22. hujipher says:

    what weight rod?

  23. albieonthefly says:

    @hujipher I had a 9wt. I suppose an 8wt would work but it might take longer to play/release the fish.

  24. hujipher says:

    @albieonthefly thanks i really want to try this sometime looks like a whole new challenge

  25. albieonthefly says:

    @hujipher Let me know how you do, fly fishing is pretty cool!

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