Brook Trout Fly Fishing-Michigan’s Upper

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout, Brown Trout & Rainbow Trout with Riversnorth Guide Service of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Visit for info on guided fly fishing outings in Michigan’s UP

8 Responses to “Brook Trout Fly Fishing-Michigan’s Upper”

  1. misteelhead says:

    Great footage Brad! NIce work thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  2. DaGoastOfTraver says:

    come on clouser thats the best you could do? lol. good stuff.

  3. gregsl90 says:

    Which rivers did ya get these specimens from?

  4. iDoWutiWant1 says:

    god i just love the colors of brook trout but i rarely get into places to fish them… in michigan but dont go to the UP much…….do you know and spots around sleeping bear dunes or rifle river

  5. MichiganTroutMan says:

    Go to west branch and fish the little creeks it’s not that far… probably about an hour away

  6. MichiganTroutMan says:

    and rifle river is still there

  7. MichiganTroutMan says:

    and try the Pipeline Rapids

  8. silveride02 says:


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