Brown Trout Brawl

A wild fight to land a big brown trout on a fly rod, upper Madison River Montana

11 Responses to “Brown Trout Brawl”

  1. SirJohnny9999 says:

    Beautiful brown. Thanks for posting!!!!

  2. B1GR says:

    Well done, nice fast release, beatiful fish! You guys are pros!

  3. californiacubsfan1 says:

    now that is a legit 20 inch brown unlike what that 4 rivers guy was trying to sell.

    I like on the westfork bitterroot and catch 20 inch brown and cutties all the time.

    Nice fish Rich!

  4. kypeboy says:

    Barbless hook, big fish fast release. Great movie!

  5. sonybraviaboy says:

    what a wiew

  6. ashleyhockenberry says:

    Excellent fish and great teamwork !

  7. TruckeeRiverFisher says:

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  8. fisherman9826 says:

    what weight rod do you recommend for fly fishing browns

  9. ATeamAnglers says:

    @fisherman9826 i use a 5 weight

  10. wetrib says:

    Much respect gentlemen! Catch and Release! Well done.

  11. lonetiger74 says:

    ………BRAVO !!!!!!………

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