Building your first Fly Rod – Part 1 – Introduction wants to show you how easy it is to build your own Fly rods…

6 Responses to “Building your first Fly Rod – Part 1 – Introduction”

  1. ranash707 says:

    This is great information. Looking forward for the rest of the installments.

  2. Bozonez3m says:

    Just got my sage z-axis blank today. Can’t wait to get home and work on my new baby. And better yet tossing some big streamers with it this fall.

  3. daxman2121 says:

    thanks for posting this

  4. MNYoungOutdoors says:

    Awesome video! I am on part 12 and have been able to do everything right so far, I will say to all builders when you are checking all your fits before gluing the handle together make sure that they aren’t snug, I found out the hard way that i you try to make them fit perfect the epoxy can dry while you struggle to get the parts on. Don’t worry if its not to tight because the epoxy will take some space up.

  5. acrejo1 says:

    congratulations man!! I wonder where I could find the carbon fiber and ship to brazil…:/

  6. Andre Soto says:

    Do the ferrules come when you buy rod blanks ? If not, where can u get quality ferrules ?

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