Building your first Fly Rod – Part 4 – Finding the ‘Spine’…

Join us for part 4 of our series, ‘Building your first Fly Rod’ – where John will show you how he finds the ‘Spine’ of a Fly Rod Blank.

9 Responses to “Building your first Fly Rod – Part 4 – Finding the ‘Spine’…”

  1. nierates says:

    Is there a difference between a 2 section and a 4 section other than personal preference and maybe convenience?? I am new to this and I am trying to learn as much as I can, what better way than by research and building a rod.

  2. FlyrodFanatic says:

    Other than the size of the broken down rod, allot of people believe a the fewer the pieces – the better the rod will perform. But this is just not true. A ‘quality’ rod blank will perform properly regardless. So it’s really just a matter of casting a few different rods and determining what style of rod fits your casting stroke.

  3. ozonovo says:

    this guy likes to talk a lot

  4. namo0 says:

    You talk too much!

  5. FlyrodFanatic says:

    , I did talk a lot on this episode didn’t I? Sorry about that.

  6. FlyrodFanatic says:

    Yes apparently I do. Do you want your money back?

  7. salamitsunami says:

    I’m fine with the amount of speaking you did. Things that are obscure and intangible like finding the spine of a rod require explanation in several different ways so that everyone can understand.

  8. TheRoninelite says:

    Don’t listen to these knuckle heads that say you’re talking too much. You’re teaching people how to build a nice rod. Besides, good teachers talk alot!

  9. dsmith1427 says:

    Thanks! I am currently building a rod (for the first time) and following a long with your series. I am building a four piece rod and had a hard time “confidently” finding the spine/belly. as a check, I would find the spine of the individual pieces and then assembly them and find the spine of the assembled pieces. If my marks were straight up and down, I was confident the spine was found. If they were off to one side, I would need to reaffirm the spine. Does this sound like a good check?

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