Building your first Fly Rod – Part 7 – Assembling the Reel Seat Hardware…

Join us for part 7 of our series ‘Building your first Fly Rod’, where we’ll show you how we’ll assemble the Reel Seat Hardware…

3 Responses to “Building your first Fly Rod – Part 7 – Assembling the Reel Seat Hardware…”

  1. Scott Mattingley says:

    I have seen alot of comments that you talk to much. I for one want to thank you for talking to much. You are very thurough and it helped me so much. My first turned out good the second even better ,my third wich is a sage vxp i think will turn out great I feel very confident thanks to you John. I have lots of Ideas for it and so far it looks pretty good to me . So thank you and keep talking

  2. MrYota69 says:

    First off thanks for this great series of videos, also I enjoy the fact that you talk alot as it always nice icase you missed something. Your a great instructor and enjoy watching your videos. Only think I could say is better video quality but it would be alot slower and bigger files. Thanks again

  3. burlingtonhurst says:

    I agree, you’re the man!

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