Can a Micro Fly Rod (34 inches long) be used successfully on a non-

migratory trout fishery lake?

The manufactures (J Austin Forbes) boast a casting distance of 25 feet on their website.

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  1. AIRFLOW says:

    As long as the line you sue is of good quality then i would imagine it may cast that distance, i recently saw an article were a well known fly caster (forget who it was) used a broom handle and attached a guide and used a fly line and got good results…just to prove its all in the fly line, personally i would stick to a real fly rod but give it a go, handling a hooked stocked trout may be a different matter however. I think it may be better suited for indoor casting practice.

  2. R W says:

    Any manufacture, that doesn’tr brag about their product being the best thing on the market, isn’t goinbg to be around long.
    That being said, you would be better served, by getting a TRIED & PROVEN rod, for your fishing

  3. flounderbytes says:

    It really comes down to the skill level of the angler… not the equipment. Besides, this rod sounds like it was designed for close quarter fishing like small streams with a lot of brush. This type of rod would excel over longer versions in this environment. Tight lines!

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