Can i get the top part of a martin fly rod?

I got a fiberglass Martin fly rod that splits into three parts. My dog chewed on the top part and broke it. I just need the top part. Does anyone know a website that I can just get the top part on. Thank you.

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  1. paul z says:

    you’ll have to send the rod back to Martin,and explain the case to them.In order to match up the action,they have to have the rest of the rod to do this,they might charge you a nominal fee to get this straightened out properly.Insure it,and send it ups,so you can track it,put it in a tube,wrap it with bubble wrap,and seal it up good,with mailing tape.make sure your return address is inside the tube as well as the outside.Martin fly rods aren’t that expensive,you might just wanna get a new one.And keep it out of reach of the dog,like hang it on the wall above a door frame.

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