Can i use a fly fishing rod as a conventional rod?

I am just getting into fly fishing and was wondering if i could use my 8.5 foot fly fishing rod as a conventional rod by just putting a different reel on. I may sound like an idiot for asking this but i figured id give it a shot.

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  1. Grand Master BasserĀ® says:

    The guides on a fly rod are too small for a spinning reel, and the reel seat is too small to take a baitcaster. However, I use a small Shakespeare Synergy triggerspin reel on my own 8 1/2 foot fly rod and it works good. If the butt section were a little longer, I’d love it, but it still works fine.

    I use this "combination" a lot for crappie with the Float-‘N’-Fly and small plastics with other sunfish. I had 2 pound mono on the reel the first time I set it up… took it to the lake when the shad were running thick and was hoping to get into some slab crappie. Turns out there were no crappie under the dock, but it was sure a shitload of fun fighting bass that were two and three times the weight of my line. I landed them, too. I’ve switched to 4 pound mono since, though.

    I see the Thumb Bandit Posse is at it again… either that or fly fishing purists…

  2. Peter_AZ says:

    As a baitcasting rod, maybe (though you generally want a stiffer rod for that kind of fishing), and if it’s a typical fly rod, there’s no handle below the reel, which would make casting it awkward.

    But a conventional reel is generally a saltwater reel made for heavier line, and the very slow action (that is, the bendability) of the rod would make it almost useless.

    I tried once, years ago — I had a fly rod blank and I set it up with a conventional handle and reel seat and guides and put a small conventional reel on it, with 12 pound test, and tried to fish sand bass with it. It cast nicely, but with 50 feet of line out, when a fish bit, I simply couldn’t set the hook.

    On the other hand, I have successfully put a spinning reel on a fly rod and caught fish. The small guides shortened the casts, but I still got enough distance to get trout out of some lakes in the high country of Kings Canyon.

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