Dry fly fishing; Big wild browns Part 2..m2ts

Another great Tees Brownie- Hooked only 2 minutes after the fish from part 1.

5 Responses to “Dry fly fishing; Big wild browns Part 2..m2ts”

  1. TheFlymanJim says:

    Great Brownie!

  2. pwood22 says:

    Thanks a lot Jon for that rapid video in response to my question on furled leaders. The explanation was perfectly clear. I’m looking forward to your site going online in June!

  3. nicodu74140 says:

    goood vidéo!

  4. TormesFlyFishing says:

    Buen vídeo. Excelente.

  5. skutterskelfe says:

    Hi Jon
    Dont suppose you knew but about 30 years ago trout such as those in the clips weren’t that uncommon in the Tees. Good fish could be had up to just below High Force. Then, one day in 1983 the quarry above the Force created an enviromental disaster. How reassuring it is to see the Tees returning to its former days. Many thanks for sharing your experiences and I look forward to the launch of the onstream-guide website. I wish it and you every success with the venture. cheers

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