Easy fly fishing the South Platte River, 11 Mile Canyon, April 2011 Jerry and I went fishing to 11 Mile Canyon South Platte River where I have never fished but no problem catching trout all day long due to using right flies. We used Yong Wing, Yong Special size 20 most of the time. Tommy who has been my regular client and friend for 15 yrs joined me on the second day and fished the bait fishing section together while Jerry was with his family. Average size trout were smaller but still had couple of 18 inchers there. It’s not like San Juan River but still a pretty nice fishery and I’ll be heading out there at least one more time this year. Happy fishing!

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  1. drewbiedoo2 says:

    beautiful cutties

  2. wurlitzer1450 says:

    before people start telling us we don’t know how to cast they need to know the wind was blowing 50 mph, it was difficult sometimes just hitting the water. once i had a fish and when he jumped the wind blew him about 15 feet . we easily hooked over 100 fish in a half day and not too many little ones [about 8 or 9], most of them were 12 to 18 inches. they didn’t look like they had been caught many times, mostly nice clean fish. we recomend going here in the next month or so.

  3. wurlitzer1450 says:

    most col. streams will be too high to fish because of the high snowpack right now but below 11 mile res. the water flow is supposed to stay like this for a while. stop at anglers covy on hw 24 west just off I-25 in col springs for info. thank you andy kim for another great fishing trip.

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