False Albacore (Albies) Fly Fishing, Montauk, New York

Fly fishing for albies (false albacore) in Montauk, NY. One of the few days in the Fall 2011 when the weather was warm, sunny and no wind with great albie action.

8 Responses to “False Albacore (Albies) Fly Fishing, Montauk, New York”

  1. MaybeTonightCharters says:

    LOVE IT!!! Good stuff!!! 🙂

  2. albieonthefly says:

    @MaybeTonightCharters Thanks, lets hope for a good long season!!!

  3. northeastanglers says:

    Very Cool Video!!!

  4. albieonthefly says:

    @northeastanglers Thank you! Hope you have a great run in your area.

  5. Troutsiders says:

    Fantastic video! Would love to have those albies on my fly! Cheers!

  6. albieonthefly says:

    @Troutsiders Thanks, come fish Montauk before the end of October to have a good shot at these albies. There are many great guides in the area that will put you on them. The rest is up to you. Send me an email if you can make it so we can say hello.

  7. Troutsiders says:

    @albieonthefly Would love to, but work seems to be always getting in a way of great fun 🙁 Planning on going to the East Coast next year and Mantauk just got on the list! Have a blast and save some albies for my visit! 😀

  8. albieonthefly says:

    @Troutsiders Good stuff, we look forward to having you here next fall!

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