Fishing The Elk Hair Caddis – Fly Fishing 2012

Mid week fly fishing! A quick evening session on the local river in this video. I fished the Elk hair caddis which as the evening drew on the small Trout in the pool really started to switch on to and take at every chance they got. It’s unusual to catch so many small Brown Trout from this area of the river and points to the fact that some anglers have told me since that evening that th EA have stalked the fish. They were small Brownies but were great fun after a day at work.

13 Responses to “Fishing The Elk Hair Caddis – Fly Fishing 2012”

  1. EoinC2K11 says:

    I got the first view!! Another great river video mate, Keep up the good work!

  2. yorkshireangler says:

    Thanks again for watching mate 😉

  3. daveyravey1966 says:

    I like evenings like this, keeps your concentration up for when the big trout take

  4. cianw10 says:

    Great video but can i ask a favour? Could you do a tutorial on how to fly fish? Ive just bought my first fly rod but i dont know where to get started trying to fish (how to cast it etc)

  5. sheldonvern says:

    those werent that bad they were perfect for frying pan! NOM NOM NOM

  6. yorkshireangler says:

    Very true, cheers mate

  7. yorkshireangler says:

    I would if I knew what I was doing mate.

    There are some great videos on YouTube covering casting and what to aim at when starting out from fly anglers that really know what they are doing.

    They cover the topic way better than I ever could, I can’t cast that well myself. I started at the age of 10 years old and now being 37 I still can’t cast.

    Thanks for watching pal and thanks for the comment.

  8. yorkshireangler says:

    lol cheers mate

  9. jgreenwood949 says:

    Awesome vid! Cannot wait to get started! To be fair you dont seem to need much casting experience tp fish a beat like that? It seemed a fairly simple cast and letting the flow do the work, taking the fly through the swim.

  10. stevesnaps1 says:

    Nice one.

  11. EoinC2K11 says:

    My rods a Daiwa #7 10′ 6 and I use it for all the fishing I do. Its a bit heavy for the local small streams and I’m thinking of getting a 9ft #4 or #5. Could you recommend a quality rod that wouldn’t break the bank?? I know that Greys Streamflex are top of the range but they are seriously expensive!

  12. JoerundBoehn says:

    haha, NOM NOM NOM 😛

  13. JoerundBoehn says:

    I had the same problem for 2 months ago, when i bought my first fly fishing rod 🙂 I have learned much and 27 trouts are caught… Yet! 🙂 You can learn alot from vids by searching “how to fly fish” “Fly fishing lesson” and much more! I learned everything i need to know in 2 days with instantly watching vids. I strongly recommend youtube!

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