Fishing with Rod: Drifting & fly fishing on the Elk

For more fishing videos, please visit: The Elk River system in the Southeastern corner of British Columbia is a fantastic destination for fly fishing. Your target species are westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout and mountain whitefish. Last summer, we had the opportunity to drift down this beautiful stream with our Outcast Power Drifters and catch some trout on our dry flies. Many thanks to the following supporters for making this project possible http Subscribe to go Fishing with Rod! Be a Fishing with Rod fan on Facebook Camera: Nina Manique & Rodney Hsu Edit: Rodney Hsu Music: Getty Images Inc. Copyright: Fishing with Rod Production

23 Responses to “Fishing with Rod: Drifting & fly fishing on the Elk”

  1. Piimpastiic says:

    Great a new video 😀

  2. BeatriceSteinberg says:

    What a beautiful way to spend the day!

  3. Piimpastiic says:

    So Rod, when you going to upload fishing with spoons/spinners.
    Want to see more of that kind of fishing, little tierd of the fly fishing some variation would be awesome.

    Ps. i know you done videos like that before tutorials etc but want to see new ones!
    Love your videos the quality is awesome and you are great fisherman.

  4. TheStreeser1 says:

    Great video , come back to Denmark soon, seatrout season on the coast about to start now !

  5. humbldsrvnt says:

    Hey Rod, great video man. What a beautiful stretch of water and looks like it’s chocked full of quaility cutties. I live near some waters that are full of Yellowstone Cutties. I should have some dry fly videos out this year. What kind of rod were you using for your dries? Looks like a 7 1/2′-8′ 3 wt.

  6. Kremlin60 says:

    Are you sponsored by anyone?

  7. hunthicks says:

    Great quality, nice long video, and you hook about as many on dry flies as I do! 😉 Really have been enjoying your videos!

  8. gamogun24 says:

    Those were some nice fish. Great Video 🙂

  9. stevesnaps1 says:

    A great video Rod as always,wonderful scenery and cracking trout.ATB Steve.

  10. fishingwithrod says:

    @stevesnaps1 Thanks! 🙂

  11. fishingwithrod says:

    @gamogun24 Thanks! 🙂

  12. fishingwithrod says:

    @hunthicks Thanks. 😉 We don’t fish dries very often so it takes awhile to get used to everytime we start doing it. 😉

  13. fishingwithrod says:

    @Kremlin60 There are around 40 advertisers on the website and a few are indeed what you’d call our video sponsors that make these features possible. 🙂

  14. fishingwithrod says:

    @humbldsrvnt Thank you. In the first portion of the video, I was using a 9′ 4wt Rainshadow and in the second portion of the video, it was a 7’ 3wt Sage.

  15. fishingwithrod says:

    @TheStreeser1 We were just there during Christmas holidays actually and had planned to fish and do a video feature on it, but unfortunately we got really sick for a couple of weeks and that changed all the plans. 🙁

  16. fishingwithrod says:

    @Piimpastiic Yep, there’ll be more “How to Fish” videos that involve spoons and spinners for sure. We try to balance the content by having a bit of everything. Keep watching for them eventually they’ll pop up. 🙂 Thanks!

  17. fishingwithrod says:

    @BeatriceSteinberg Absolutely. 🙂 Snowy mountains, sunny day, wet wading in shorts, catching fish, cannot beat that. 😉

  18. fishballor says:

    awesome video, love the fly fishing as i am just beginning to teach myself how, so its great to see how its done

  19. akintomeatloaf says:

    Rod, your videos always make we want to get out there!
    I’m just starting out with kastmasters and panther martins in a little reservoir around my house, but since they’re trying to rebuild the Steelhead fishery it doesn’t open ’til the last week of April.
    I would LOVE to learn how to fly fish!
    Do you get more of a rush from fly fishing as opposed to fishing with a spoon or spinner? I’ve heard the ‘take’ is something else!
    Greets from Central California!

  20. FishingThePNW says:

    great job rod! persistence pays off! very well put together video! very enjoyable to watch!

  21. fishingwithrod says:

    @akintomeatloaf There’s definitely a big rush when a trout sips down your fly from the surface because you just never know when that’s going to happen while watching it intensely. That being said, I also enjoy spin fishing very much so I switch back and forth, depending on where and when I am fishing. Thanks for watching. 🙂

  22. fishingwithrod says:

    @MrMrtiki I’m not too familiar with the geography of the area so I maybe wrong, but for this particular drift we started near the upper Elk River just north of Sparwood.

  23. ricardoroelvink says:

    @FishingThePNW i agree with you!

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