Fishing with Rod: Jungle Monster Trout, Gear Talk

For more fishing videos, please visit: In this gear talk, we take a look at all the fly fishing gear used in our “Jungle Monster Trout” feature. We also take a brief look what you need if you wish to start fly fishing. You can see the feature at Many thanks to Islander Precision Reels and Scientific Anglers for making this video feature possible: Subscribe to go Fishing with Rod! Be a Fishing with Rod fan on Facebook: Camera: Nina Manique & Rodney Hsu Edit: Rodney Hsu Copyright: Fishing with Rod Production

12 Responses to “Fishing with Rod: Jungle Monster Trout, Gear Talk”

  1. tbejpkid97 says:

    I want to go fishing there so bad

  2. serre50 says:

    with rod do you recomend for flyfishing for pike

  3. Pasites says:

    You’d be better off breaking this video up into several 2min videos which are more clear and concise.

  4. lee19702 says:

    What is you favorite online flyfishing store?

  5. 1Moongate says:

    Thank you..both Nina and Rod…..ohh also your endorser’s. Great technical info……a bit more information for an experienced fisherman/women but you have a very relaxed/comfortable method of offering information or help, which keeps me hooked and listening. hmmmm…….i think I smell the coho’s……..getting closer…..Enjoy your summer.

  6. canadianKIKI says:

    @serre50 a 7 or 8 weight because you need to be able to cast those heavy pike flies

  7. fishingwithrod says:

    My pike fishing experience has been limited to a few trips in Denmark so best to get a second opinion as well. Since you’re tossing really large flies, it’s best to go with a 8wt+ rod that has a fast action.

  8. fishingwithrod says:

    Hmm, I’ve never really shopped at an online fly fishing store so don’t really know. Pretty much all my fly fishing gear are bought at local stores where I can go in and see exactly what I am buying. Because I am always looking for new info on fly fishing, the local store also serves as a great place to learn.

  9. fishingwithrod says:

    You’re welcome. 🙂 These gear talks are a bit long and the information is definitely a bit elementary, but I think it has helped a lot of people who are starting out and that motivates us to keep going at it. We also want to get some advanced content on here and have been working with local stores’ knowledgable staff to achieve that, so those will come soon. Coho are definitely coming, just around two months to go! 🙂

  10. nuler55 says:

    faroe islands is a graet place. Its around 2000 km from denmark there are many lakes with trouts in them. And you can caught salmon too 🙂

  11. 1Moongate says:

    this may be a long shot but I will be on Nantucket 9-3 to 9-10……if you are any where near the east coast let me know. What happens on ACK…..stays on ACK…..unless you have video………

  12. FishingCanterbury says:

    HI Good Fishing Video.
    Good Fishing.

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