Fly Fishing and Backacking in Yellowstone National Park?

A few friends and I are planning on going on a backpacking and fly fishing trip to Yellowstone in late July. We were looking to stay about a week and having not been there before I was wondering what some good backpacking trails are that also offer good fishing? And maybe some good attractions or scenery to see as well.

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  1. MountainMan says:

    I avoid National Park backpacking because of all of the rules for "teddy bears," the people who have no clue about getting away from groomed trails and thermal pools and scenic overlooks. However, if you want to specifically explore Yellowstone National Park, rather than the many surrounding National Forests, then you will need to get a backcountry permit. You should probably download a book to your computer or other electronic device about backpacking in Yellowstone National Park from one of the on-line bookstores. Personally, I would prefer backpacking in a designated Wilderness Area far from the tourists in Yellowstone National Park.

  2. Poppy says:

    You best do some research real quick, not sure you can backpack in the park at all. Plenty of places outside the park. Too dangerous with all the thermo activity to get off the specific trails at the park. Some fishing is allowed in the park, but once again all that thermo activity has it’s restrictions.

  3. 4U2C says:

    Yellowstone lake is really good fishing as is the Yellowstone river. My favorite is Shoshone Lake and yes there is a trail but we typically use canoes from Louis Lake. When you pick up your fishing licenses in the park they have great map handouts and GPS coordinates for your trip.
    Another alternative is a horse pack trip with a reputable outfitter like Jett Hitt, also a composer of the CD titled Yellowstone. I added a link to him below. Highly recommend this company for all scenic pack trips and fly fishing trips in Yellowstone Park.

    Lots of hiking opportunities in Yellowstone and even some guided overnight hikes as well. We have been going there in the late fall for the past thee years.

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