Fly Fishing Arkansas River Pueblo, Colorado

James Spicer fly fishing the Arkansas Tailwater near Pueblo, Colorado. Trying to catch as many fish as he can in a handful of casts.

4 Responses to “Fly Fishing Arkansas River Pueblo, Colorado”

  1. cuntpunter35 says:

    what were you casting to them thar trout?

  2. COSkiesOutfitters says:

    RS2s and Barr Emergers

  3. CoolLikePenguinNuts says:

    Which hole is this? Is it down by the causeway by union street bridge? Or nearer the damn?

  4. ligbig says:

    Right below City Park. Was out there on 11-29-2011 and caught 14 fish using a streamer in that same hole.

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