Fly Fishing Brook Trout And Landlocked Salmon – Fall

Awsome Fishing

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  1. nickelbackrocker4 says:

    Some nice fish there

  2. El135o says:

    I’ve heard of casting instructors who place a $50 bill under a student’s arm to teach him to keep his casting arm close in. If you have your arm too far out, the $50 drops in to the stream … you’ll see what I mean at 1:07.

  3. andrewh4 says:

    It is the orthdox way but if it works for you and you get nice smooth casts and all anything goes

  4. branonpsu says:

    Beautiful Brookies. I grew up in a corner of CT where we had some amazing brook trout. I have not found anything that compared yet. (I haven’t fished for trout in Maine yet :smile:) My friend and I had our first taste of landlocks on flies last weekend on the Saranac in NY. It was quite an experience catching salmon on flies we tied the night before. Thanks for your film and background music. It warmed my heart and reminded me of some great times with friends. Thank you.

  5. tristancooper1997 says:

    do u fish up to shurley bog or oaks bog

  6. branonpsu says:

     Have not fished there yet

  7. tristancooper1997 says:

    fish there all native brookies 10-15 inches

  8. tristancooper1997 says:

    u cant flyfish it tho idk if theyll take tehem havent tried dont think i will

  9. psychosnake23 says:

    was that dam at the rapid river

  10. maineadelures says:

    I am going to porter for april vaca looking to hook into some nice brookies

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