Fly fishing for brown trout on the edge

Fly Fishing brown trout on the edge of rivers. Many of the best brown trout are caught while focusing in on the edge water – that is, the water off the main current – the “soft water”. Look for a full version DVD available later 2010!

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  1. jensenflyfishing says:

    @alamao24 Actually most of the browns you see are taking the adult stage of the bugs they are feeding on, which include mayflies and stoneflies primarily. Most of the fishermen are using dry fly patterns

  2. humbldsrvnt says:

    I’ve watched this video a couple of times and it gets better each time. This is definitely up there on my list of best fly fishing videos. Some of those pics you have of big browns feeding in the beginning of the video are spectacular and maybe not everyone agrees but I think the music was a good choice. I’m super jealous of the amount of big fish you guys get to catch… keep videos like this one coming!

  3. michaelsw0rd says:

    3:22 perfect take!

  4. weppythewepon says:

    vary vary cool!!!

  5. troutbumflyz says:

    coolest thing i have ever seen. Unbelievable footage

  6. thebrookfisher says:

    Great Video !!!!!!!! AWESOME FISHING !!!!!

  7. everest001 says:

    Fantastic film. Thanks for sharing.

  8. everest001 says:

    Wonderful film. Thanks for sharing.

  9. alamao24 says:

    @jensenflyfishing okay thanks dude but i were just wondering are you danish or Australian or what

  10. jensenflyfishing says:

    @alamao24 Canadian. 🙂

  11. flyfishextreme says:

    WOW, just beautiful!! one of the really best fly fishing videos on youtube and i love the music, can u tell me the artist an titles please? thanks, greetings from austria!!

  12. THEJODEA says:

    nice fishing !”

  13. alamao24 says:

    @jensenflyfishing ahh okay but your name just sounds a bit like a mix between danish and Australian why i am saying that is that i am danish and my last name is Jensen but i am also a fly fisher så i love your videos but most i love this one

  14. dazachoman says:

    good trout pron!

  15. MrSkalka123 says:

    please … as they are called songs ?

  16. CholoFlyfishAK96 says:

    1:17 is beast!

  17. spyhunter2010 says:

    @jensenflyfishing where do you fish?

  18. jensenflyfishing says:

    @spyhunter2010 south island of NZ and Alberta, Canada

  19. spyhunter2010 says:

    @jensenflyfishing i fish the grand river in southern ontario-amazing fishery but i have to get out with the proper equipment, not my dads old gear. good fishing to ya

  20. testarossa123 says:

    Was that a snag at 8:13? I certainly hope not!

  21. jensenflyfishing says:

    @testarossa123 No – it was a subtle take from a brown literally resting along shore. Cheers

  22. TheTbeeson says:

    if this doesnt make ya want to throw some drys …something wrong with ya . good vid.

  23. coloradoflyfisher says:

    Dude were you talking about the music on my videos? Cuz the song on this reminds me of a gay strip club? Keep up the great work buddy

  24. bradcrosby8722 says:

    amazing video guys,,,,,,, makes me get the itch to fish ever more!

  25. super333ification says:

    some of the best trout jumps I have seen on you tube, just a little mad I didn’t get an invite on those trips. great fishing guys 🙂

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