This was a quick one day hike into the mountains for Golden Trout. I was fortunate enough to catch a few of them on my fly rod. Great fighting fish. Returned to the vehicle with many blisters, black toenails and in need of new boots! See artwork and more videos at


  1. drumkeys says:

    looks like the sierras

  2. madskier12 says:

    @ZevenART that little one in the still was the classic colors
    i’m going out there this summer and i can’t wait
    do you know of any books or anything that could help me find the best spots?

  3. madskier12 says:

    @erkod except for the reservation on part of the east side, i’m pretty sure that the entire winds are national forest

  4. rockymntskier says:

    Excellent video! Only caught a Golden Trout once -back when I was only 14 at Lonesome Lake in the Winds.

  5. TroutHowler says:

    Hey Zach, watching this made me grin. I know this lake every well. I was reading some of the posts and thought I would let you know that they are not pure goldens. All the lakes that were restocked in 05 and 06 are slightly contaminated with Rainbow DNA. The non pure source came of the res. I was told that they have secured a pure source for future stockings. Anyway, cool vid. You might want to head back. I made 2 trips there this summer- It now has some real hogs in it—-biggest was 22 inches

  6. bwrig09 says:

    What brand and model is that water purifier? Looked really small/compact.

  7. Bajsiknas says:

    Nice video! 😀

  8. ZevenART says:

    @bwrig09, the filter is a PUR, which is made by Katadyn now. Similar to the Katadyn Hiker model.

  9. VildmarkBushcraft says:

    What kind of flyrod did you use? and what flyes? Great vid 5/5

  10. theboywhocriedtrout says:

    Great Video man…ill be packing into the winds this summer for some epic fishing. Who cares if they are pure goldens or not people?? some are…and thats amazing that you can even catch them in Wyoming where they are not native. I recently read a report that they are looking to take non-native species from many, many Wyoming waters (especially high country lakes) and replenish native cuts. I’m actually stoked about that but definately appreciate the Goldens or half-goldens while we can huh.

  11. michaelsw0rd says:

    nice video, were you using double taper line? and what wt rod?

  12. ZevenART says:

    It’s an inexpensive setup. 5 wt rod, fast action to help cut the mountain wind. Weight forward line. Leader I build myself.

  13. ZevenART says:

    Inexpensive 7 pc 5 wt. Variety of common trout flies- ants, hoppers (even in the high country), hare’s ears, buggers, etc.

  14. Fishslayers51 says:

    Where was this?

  15. pnutbutrncrackers says:

    Non-fishing questions allowed? 🙂 At 0:58 you mention having seen quite a few bears in your bushwhacking travels …

    My questions: 1) Black bears, or grizzlies as well? 2) What is the best way to respond? I.e. Do you continue past them on your way, or do stop & wait until they mozy off? Or does it just depend? Same Q’s w/moose, I guess — and what is “this time of year” that you refer to?

    Finally, what are we looking at at 1:19? Bear? Can’t quite make it out. Sorry.

    Again, great vid.

  16. ZevenART says:

    1) Thankfully only blacks on these fishing trips (grizzlies while elk hunting).
    2) Usually they look at me for awhile then simply turn and calmly walk away. I have made my way past bears without them ever seeing me as well. If there are cubs involved I would very calmly back away.
    3) I keep my distance from cow moose with calves in spring. They are very laid back otherwise.
    4) Yep, that’s a bear tearing apart dead-fall that never new I was there.
    Hope that helps.

  17. ZevenART says:

    NOTE ON GRIZZLIES: After having FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE with a grizzly I would highly recommend spray over a pistol! I pistol may give piece of mind, and you may feel pretty tough while packing it, but do the research and you will see spray is more effective. When I had my run-in with a griz it was already at full speed when I saw it. You would not of had a chance to get a pistol shot off, let alone a mortal one, while you would have had time to get a cloud of spray between it and you…..

  18. pnutbutrncrackers says:

    @Fishslayers51 Not trying to be contentious, but that’s funny — asking on one of the most popular websites in the world the name & location of a small mountain lake that holds very rare fish … by a poster named FISHSLAYERS!!

    Again, not trying to start something or make you angry, but man, you just don’t do that!

  19. Fishslayers51 says:

    @pnutbutrncrackers Dude that was the only name available. I rarely keep fish at all, let alone rare, protected, wild trout. I have never kept a trout, let alone a wild Golden. I understand you not wanting to reveal the spot, thats cool, I rarely do that myself. But in no way do I intend to keep Golden trout. Just never caught them and looking for a place to do it. It may not seam like this with the name fishslayers but Im a true conservationist. Im restoring a trout stream this summer.

  20. Fishslayers51 says:

    @pnutbutrncrackers And you dont even own this video dude. nothing wrong with asking for the location of a spot

  21. Fishslayers51 says:

    @pnutbutrncrackers And you dont even own this video dude. nothing wrong with asking for the location of a spot. i know it may not seam like it but I never keep anything other than panfish. I have never kept a trout, not even a stocked fish

  22. pnutbutrncrackers says:

    @Fishslayers51 Like I said, no offense intended. I tried to explain why your post made me shake my head. Was just trying to clue you in to some matters of fishing etiquette. I think you’re very young (not a put-down), which I didn’t know. Best wishes and take care.

  23. turinho76 says:

    Zach, I was wondering what you thought of SPOT. Obviously you liked enough to buy it. Were there other options you considered? Do you have to have a GPS position to transmit a message? I do a lot of canyon hiking here in Utah, and GPS doesn’t fair too well in there.

  24. michaelsw0rd says:

    i have a sage vantage rod 3wt and 7ft is that ok?

  25. ZevenART says:

    @michaelsw0rd , I think that would be perfect, UNLESS the wind is really blowing. Seems a little easier to cut through the wind with a little heavier rod, otherwise a 3 would be great.

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