Fly Fishing for monster trout in hampshire

A clip of a huge trout I caught on the fly last year being landed…

10 Responses to “Fly Fishing for monster trout in hampshire”

  1. kezzzza12 says:

    sutton springs by the looks

  2. bpace says:


  3. ruderennie says:

    very nice fish

  4. TheGoddisco says:

    dever springs

  5. adamandhisears says:

    Did you use scotch eggs for bait? I hear trout go mental for it.

  6. mancandproud says:

    Well done … this dever springs if so im going in november …just broke my best at lechlade 11.1lb ….tight lines and good luck

  7. killutilludi says:

    very nice fish mate grz for landing it thougth where ever this place is the road seems to take away the quiet of trout fishing try holbury lakes smaller fish but gorgeous area 🙂 stockbridge way

  8. Oggmiestergeneral says:

    Cheers for the comments…. It was at Sutton Springs and weighed 23lbs. Tight lines all.

  9. madaboottroot says:

    This is sutton springs trout fishery! It is a ‘double’ only water stocked weekly with an average fish of 13/14lb with 20 and 30lb fish common! Although, as you can expect it is well over £100 per visit!

  10. Reelfishinguk says:

    nice vid mate

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