Fly Fishing For Trout – (3 of 6)

Master fly fisherman Gary Borger explains the basics of fly fishing for trout.

9 Responses to “Fly Fishing For Trout – (3 of 6)”

  1. ikszikszel says:

    Very good videos, Thanks for posting!!!

  2. Zollaganzi says:

    very informative

  3. 1SUGARDADDY1 says:

    grat vids 5/5

  4. purdie1962 says:

    Great series, thank you for adding them.

  5. Brophan1ty says:

    I really gotta buy all his videos. He has quite a few. Trout in still waters is a real gem, you should see the monster he pulls out in that one HOLY CRAP its like a football LOL.

  6. Kekermonger says:

    Gotta love Gary Borger. These old videos are awesome!

  7. 000NoctemAeternus000 says:

    smoooooooooooothly smooooooooooooothly smoooooooooooooooothly

  8. JSG949 says:

    i watch these vids before the opening of every fishing season as a refresher, and because i enjoy them

  9. BigCatchNumber1 says:

    this guy is a freakin fishing wizard!

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