fly fishing gear with the yankee cowboy

this is some fly fishing gear I recently picked up a cabelas three river pole and a pflueger trion reel

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  1. 23mrcowboys says:

    I bought a fly started combo from bass pro, I’m still learning but I do catch More bass and crappie on the fly though

  2. dgallag339 says:

    Nice vid, I am not a fishing guy although as a kid I fished every day at a pond near my house. Dude I shot the M&P 15-22 today went to an indoor range in Torrington (tactical arms) with a couple of buddies it shoots real nice.

  3. stripymccatpuss says:

    For the Bang for your Buck……The Pflueger trion reel is a great purchace…

  4. 1yankeecowboy says:

    @23mrcowboys thanks for the info ben i’m looking foward to catching crappie and bass as thats mostly what I fished for as a kid

  5. 1yankeecowboy says:

    @dgallag339 I knew you would like that rifle its a sweet shooting machine and cheap to shoot we got to hook up soon and do some hardcore shooting!
    how many rounds have you put through it?
    i’ve put over a 1000 through mine no jams no problems I got extra mags from cabelas for 20 bucks and i’m shooting federal ammo through it

  6. 1yankeecowboy says:

    @stripymccatpuss yes sir stripy that pflueger is bad ass!!! can’t wait to catch some fish using this method of fishing

  7. NBUhunting says:

    cool video never tried to fly fish before but I’m huge into fishing myself…like to see some vids of you using that setup or better review once you have used it

  8. SoulSurvivorX2 says:

    ;) c

  9. 1yankeecowboy says:

    @SoulSurvivorX2 Now that I’m not a contest virgin anymore I have to make a entry into your contest 🙂

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