Fly fishing in New Zealand; monster trout battle

Fly fishing for trout in New Zealand at 6am Somewhere, far, far away, in a small stream hidden in a the remote kiwi wilderness, a monster trout stirs, blissfully unaware of the international stardom awaiting it… A flinch for the pheasant tail nymph and a battle ensues as Olly the otter clutches the camera and Dougie the Nose heaves on his splint of graphite (also known as sting)! Eventually a huge trout comes to the net, albeit in an unorthodox fashion!

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  1. ADGCproduction says:

    @troutcatcher007 nice!

  2. aus2045 says:

    Are there Bears in the woods there ?

  3. 36outof50 says:

    Actually, I believe you caught a pike, and not a trout!!

    Also, I’m interested in the details of your rig — rod, line, and leader weights, tippet (if any), type of reel. I assume you had no added line weights or sinking line, as you were using dry flies. Also: Did you have a scout or guide?

    Also: Why did you cast upstream to hook this fish? Did the brush keep you from fishing downstream, or did your scout suggest this? It is much easier to do a drag-free float by fishing downstream.

  4. mallachsteve says:

    At the end he fast releases what looks like the leader.

    How did he do that?


  5. troutcatcher007 says:

    Thankfully there are no bears in the woods apart from the one holding the camera! That is a real bonus about fishing in NZ – you don’t have to worry about mountain lions, bears, snakes, etc… makes life easy when it comes to camp….

  6. troutcatcher007 says:


    Hi Mallachsteve,

    The dry fly caught on my shorts and he was hooked on the nymph. The fish managed a long release because as soon as the dry snagged on my shorts the fish was being played on my shorts (not a good idea) and the PTN straightened…. Luckily for me instinct took over and I netted him before carefully returning….

  7. troutcatcher007 says:

    @ADGCproduction Thanks for the comment – very nice indeed!

  8. seannyboy3418 says:

    @36outof50 are you retarded thats not a pike…..

  9. 36outof50 says:

    @seannyboy3418 Trust me, that’s a pike!

  10. Rainbowtrout150 says:

    @36outof50 That is not a pike you dont catch pike in nz.

  11. 36outof50 says:

    @Rainbowtrout150 Well then — you just witnessed the first pike ever caught in the country of New Zealand. It may be a member of an invasive species, but it is a pike.

    To ignore the fact that this is a pike is to ignore the evidence of the video and one’s own eyes.

  12. dougisnow says:

    36outof50 is his IQ. Class C moron. pike my arse, that was clearly a brown trout. nice one too, “good on ya!” as they say in nz.

  13. technofreak3535 says:

    nice trout 🙂 Did you eat it?

  14. troutcatcher007 says:

    Hi technofreak,

    This one actually went back because it was big and so has a higher spawning potential than a smaller fish. I did eat lots of trout in New Zealand though – I just made sure they were not too big.

    For the record this fish was a brown trout – not a pike as some people seem to think on this thread….

  15. technofreak3535 says:

    @troutcatcher007 ahh

  16. MrRH690 says:

    @troutcatcher007 Is that a rat faced mcdougal you’re using? Do you get many on the dries in NZ or are they mainly used as an indicator for the nymph?

  17. Bippie2345 says:

    Great footage! Crappy music!!!!

  18. DuchDoby says:

    @36outof50 Pike? ROFL

  19. darthbertosan says:

    @troutcatcher007 youre such a cook and a hack caster i would check my short work if i were you

  20. darthbertosan says:

    @36outof50 god uyou are all fn idiots get the f k outa the trout game cooks

  21. darthbertosan says:

    @36outof50 you are all such f n hacks get the f k outa the traut game all of you cooks.

  22. chunky1194 says:

    @36outof50 looks like a pike, prob just a big brown though. Pike don’t really inhabit streams like the one shown. Plus no one stocks pike, they’re bad for gamefish

  23. hieronomy says:

    damn leave off the ride of the valkyries fishing is a quiet and still art !

  24. dirtdawg88 says:

    should have kept it out of the water longer you twat!

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