Fly Fishing lakes in Northern Kentucky

Fishing lakes in Northern Kentucky. We visit Corinth Lake and Elmer Davis in Northern Kentucky to see if we can get the bass and bluegill to bite on a topwater fly rod presentation. Fly Fishing lakes in Northern Kentucky

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  1. XChicagoBears2X says:


  2. bf2hero says:

    lol “today we’re fishing for bucks in velvet” haha

  3. CamdonKay says:

    I love these videos! I really appreciate it, keep up the good work

  4. TJ41238 says:

    please go to paintsville lake and fish

  5. azurenscens says:

    once again, great video guys. i just my first fly rod and i’ve been using a popper as well and i’m slayin’ ’em. too bad Ft. Loudon reservoir isn’t water i trust eating fish out of…

  6. jumar1281 says:

    i bought my first inflatable kayak and so far I’ve been out every weekend fishing all the small lakes by my house just like this one. i’ve been having a blast, and being surprised at the difference in catch from shore vs what i can accomplish paddling around the lake

  7. bp968 says:

    Amazing casting and fishing skill one handed. I’m disabled as well (though not a mobility issue) and its great to see someone out there enjoying what they love. You cast a baitcaster better onehanded then I do period. lol Thanks for the tips on these local lakes. Now I just need to get me a Kayak and get out off the bank/shore! Your also making me want to try flyfishing now!

  8. RowMaverick says:

    Great Video. Can you make a basic video on how to fly fish? Because I am a beginner and i am struggling a little. Also, do you have something on your reel that automatically reels in?

  9. letsgofishin452 says:

    What would you recomend for a good cheaper fly rod.

  10. nchunterandfisher99 says:

    berkley cherrywood with an automatic pfluger reel


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