Fly Fishing- Nafees AllCity Music Video

Fly Fishing, hip hop single from Nafees AllCity. Written by Nafees AllCity and Sky Bermudas Produced by Sky Bermudas for Blackdrum Entertainment. Directed by Sky Bermudas

20 Responses to “Fly Fishing- Nafees AllCity Music Video”

  1. caseyruthleano says:

    Awesome. Very cool video

  2. fylmkid says:

    Ya boy is doing it!!!! and doing it well…..

  3. 14sherly says:

    Love the song; it’s a rap that actually talks about something

  4. NafeesAllCity says:

    Thank you everyone for the positive feed back. Ill be putting out alot more songs so just keep showin love and i can keep givin yall great music.

  5. PeepMyTattoo says:

    DOPE!!! Told Ya, The Beast has Cometh!!! Lol…

  6. drdelaron says:

    Yo, Nafees this kid looks familiar, it could be the nose. Nice job Jr.

  7. NafeesAllCity says:

    @14sherly Thank you very much. I do my best on every song so expect great music for the future to come 🙂

  8. NafeesAllCity says:

    @littleprincess217 Thank you,Im just trying to change the way people view Hip Hop and see it more as a Fine Art and a way to help spread awareness to a large mass of people,and also at the same time making people feel good through something i created.

  9. NafeesAllCity says:

    @drdelaron Aha,fosho man good lookin

  10. BobbySoko says:’s nafees..the beast! Allcity! Good stuff. 😉

  11. akababysoft75 says:

    Talk of the town!

  12. MsRomeromerome says:

    you are extremely blessed with talent. I am very proud of you.

  13. akababysoft75 says:

    I see there is one think chick with a flat ass that watched this video…

  14. 1johnrox says:

    Um anatomy means basically the body structure of an animal or a plant…. you are neither, that verse made no sense. The context of the word was used incorrectly… and anxiously as well :/ no offense… sick ass beat though

  15. shulooloo says:

    i just watched this joint three times back to back! nafees’s flow is SICK!!! he has mad presence. love the swag and looking forward to hearing more.

  16. akababysoft75 says:

    @1johnrox Actually what you just spoke of is not anatomy it’s zootomy and phytotomy. his use of anatomy was correct. And I’m not sure what you meant about anxiously. But, that was used correctly as well. But, at least we all enjoyed the music and the flow.

  17. 1johnrox says:

    so i looked it up .. apparently your right due to so many ways to define the word

    The bodily structure of a plant or an animal or of any of its parts.
    The science of the shape and structure of organisms and their parts.
    A treatise on anatomic science.
    Dissection of a plant or animal to study the structure, position, and interrelation of its various parts.
    A skeleton.
    The human body.

    and anxiously like idk i dont think you would fly around the world anxiously.

  18. akababysoft75 says:

    @1johnrox Well, I give you props. It takes a big man to check up on himself and admit a mistake. Respect. As for the flying around anxiously, if we were to hold all mc’s to the literal meanings of there rhymes and metaphors it would quickly remove the very poetic pleasures we seek from the art form. But, its good to know that someone is paying attention to lyrics in 2012.

  19. Lsevenweenie33 says:

    @1johnrox there’s such a thing as a human anatomy too guy. what planet are you in? that was a pretty dumb, and not very well thought of comment. smh. oh , no offense.

  20. 1johnrox says:

    @Lsevenweenie33 I don’t give out my planet to strangers so sorry creep. . . oh…. no offense

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