Fly Fishing New Zealand – Backcountry

Fly Fishing in New Zealands back country, with fishy Steve.. taupo guide.. a back country fly fishing trip.. all fish caught on the dry fly..Guide and video Steve sprague.. angler Paul Anderson.

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  1. MediocreLoops says:

    pretty big… the cicada pattern was on a size 8 dry fly hook.. the blowfly pattern was on a size 12 hook and the cdc pattern used was on a size 14.. mainly used the cicada and blowfly between a 8 and 12 hook size.. at 8.58 you can see how big the cicada fly is..

  2. zkurtz21 says:

    And this is a perfect reason why i say the one place i want to visit before i die is new zealand

  3. taipan342 says:

    wow i dunno if id prefer to fish or swim at this awsome spot

  4. leidiani17 says:

    tremenda trucha debe ser muy rica con una arepa y ensalada verde de lechuga y tomate

  5. almorad1000 says:

    ما شاء الله.

  6. bimse111 says:

    Great video!

  7. TAIHAPENZ says:

    Wrong river mate take another guess,
    This guy is a professional guide, no cutting corners.
    You want to get your facts right, before you point the finger at people.

  8. cougher989 says:

    I fish using traditional spinner and baitcaster reels, but I know almost nothing about fly fishing. Can you briefly explain why and when to pull in the line vs reeling it in (like during the first catch in this video)? Also awesome job and great scenery. Definitely makes me want to try fly fishing even more.

  9. Robert Mahagan says:

    Well it depends on who catches the fish. I strip the line and don’t worry too much about the reel unless it a MOSTERFISH

  10. arlhartley says:

    What a gorgeous river!

  11. YoSoyMaddie says:

    what river is this exactly and where on the river? haha i really wanna go now

  12. YoSoyMaddie says:

    apparently it is dumbass, the world is beautiful

  13. InsanityProductionsR says:

    God damn beautiful River…

  14. flyfishingwithflies says:

    do they always stock trout that size

  15. MediocreLoops says:

    these are wild fish.. not many places in new zealand stock fish..

  16. flyfishingwithflies says:

    that why there big

  17. austindorf83 says:

    This makes the rivers in new england look like crap. I wanna go to new zealand now for some reason……..

  18. Fugettaboutit says:

    What an absolutely amazing locale.

  19. manlovefon305 says:

    จะสะำำพายกะเป๋าทำไม !!!!!!!!!111

  20. Tom0108ful says:

    how do you cast that far

  21. Flickatown says:

    Thats an awsome vid guys, are you using the same camera for the vids as the photos?

  22. MediocreLoops says:

    yep.. the camera is a panasonic lumix ts2

  23. tenkese says:

    This is how I dream when I go to sleep at night. Excellent!

  24. MediocreLoops says:

    I practice a lot.. I use a mini double haul aswell.. you cant really see it clearly in the vid but that’s how I get line speed.. im not a great caster but im working on it!!
    learn the double haul!! there are a lot of good vids on youtube explaining how to do it.

  25. Flickatown says:

    Man those photos are great quality

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