Fly fishing river aire

decided to go for a few hours fishing after work on the river aire. caught trout and grayling but not of any good size all the big fish had gone elsewhere. fished a heavy shrimp pattern in fast water then changed to a dry fly for some surface action later in the day.

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  1. YorkshireFlyNovice says:

    Nice video! (cheers for the sub by the way)
    What camera are you filming with?

  2. TheAnglingEye says:

    thanks. feel free to sub. i use a few dif cams. contour gopro and a cannon hand held camera. depends what i have charged up and what i want to do. cannon have great zoom for filming aquatic life. gopro are good but have disadvantages contour are good allrounders but can get bit heavy as head cams.

  3. YorkshireFlyNovice says:

    I shall sub immediately 😉
    I was thinking of getting a gopro as they look like decent compact cams for head/chest cam setup. Seems like they’re pretty poor at recording sounds though?

  4. TheAnglingEye says:

    yes the sound is gone when you have the cam in the underwater case you do get a open door for the case then the sound is ok but the camera is then not waterproof. contour are a bit cheaper and seem just as good

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