Fly fishing rod and reel combo?

I have been fly fishing for a few months now and I want to buy a new fly fishing rod and reel combo.
I have been using a 40+ year old fly fishing rod that was given to me by my grandpa and its not really a "good" quality fishing rod.
I want to know what a good combo would be if im fishing for mostly Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Bluegill, and if its good enough I might take it to Lake Erie when the Steelhead are running up he streams, and maybe even try fishing for pike with it!
My budget is about 0 tops

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  1. Peter Griffin says:

    Your choices will be very limited in that budget. Cabela’s offers some outfits near that price range that might be okay, but decent combos tend to run 200-300.

    The biggest problem with any combo is that you’ll get a cheap reel and a less-than-acceptable line.

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