Fly fishing San Juan River

Jared Griswold,Sean Wallentine,Davy Rawson Fighting the mighty Rainbows and Browns of the San Juan River, Northwest New Mexico. Great Video. What a great trip.

5 Responses to “Fly fishing San Juan River”

  1. TriploidJunkie says:

    the san juan looks decent… though it doesn’t compare to my home river. those fish are medium size

  2. Nile505 says:

    @TriploidJunkie yeah san juan is terrible…NEVER come here please.

  3. abesmotel says:

    1 second ago Hahhaaa!! R U for real!! You R one of those guys who think they know everything there is about fishing and come to a river that has more fish per sq mi then any other river in the WORLD and got skunked! HaaHaa U suck!! U wish u caught fish like these guys did!! We don’t want people like u here anyways!! Come back when u learn to flyfish w/ your k-mart set up!!

  4. MJkate says:

    @abesmotel Love the abes motel, but you know as well as I know, that even though it has the MOST fish per sq mile, it is the “yuppie-est” damn river known in the flyfishing world.
    I quit my job and fished the Juan everyday for 11 months, and after a while it kinda grossed me out: diseased, deformed, long skinny unhealthy trout with embedded size 14 san juan worms stuck to em’ . I saw seasoned guides doing the san juan shuffle trying to snag fish and then said no more.

  5. MJkate says:

    @abesmotel Im a trout/steelhead/salmon bum and I go all over the world, and I mean everywhere, I even flyfished Afghanistan… aint nuthun like it, good size and PLENTY of em. Its one of the few rivers in the west where a 5 wt is too light. 10 years ago: 1st time on the Juan ever, 1st cast after studying the area for an hour….I threw a #24 emerger at 25′ rainbow on 7x tippet. Used a 10 ft 4 wieght! The fish was more tired than me. So I went back to the RV, I got my 6 wt. then quit my job

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