Fly Fishing Serbia Big Brown Trout

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  1. juventinu88 says:

    i wonder how can you guys have such nice tout in your waters and we in Romania cannot have? Congrats

  2. legionarus1 says:

    pai sti tu bine de ce nu avem, dar asa fac ei bani ca mergem la ei la fish.

  3. 63yogi says:


  4. shonefly says:

    Ecology and Fish Guard Service

  5. hermygagala says:

    It’s a good song I love Guns N Roses but you could a played a song better suited to the video. Maybe by a band like Nazareth that was one of if not Guns N roses biggest influence. Also that song is know to most everyone. Anyway great fish. But try picking a song better suited next time.

  6. TheFlymanJim says:

    Nice Fish! Beautiful Countryside.

  7. ricardofurioso says:

    Nice fish. Nice that you released it. Grazie.

  8. zmiali says:

    you mean fly fishing Serbia little Brown trout

  9. shonefly says:

    Nice try! Ha, ha, ha!

  10. syindacite says:

    if ur gonna fish in serbia dont listen to that music omg 😀

  11. daniloserb says:

    where is this in serbia

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