Fly fishing speckled trout and redfish in galveston tx?

I live about an hours drive away from galveston and im not old enough to drive so i have to be driven. most of the time probably by my mom and she is a bit crazy about being safe so i need some spots in galveston that i can wade in to fly fish for specs and redfish and are where mom can feel safe. Thanks

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  1. Jerry says:

    Your Mom is right "Be Careful" wear a life jacket, find a fishing buddy, and fish anywhere there is water that you can reacj, the bay, the surf, anywhere but drag your feet do not step as you will step on top of a sting ray instead of kicking it out of the way. Use LOONG stringers, I once was dragged completely underwater in surf by a 10 ft long Bull shark who dragged my stringer and me along with it clean under water until by luck he ripped off two reds and 1 trout and he swam away, after that I always wear or tie a life jacket to my waist and use loooong stringers

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