Fly Fishing Wisconsin Steelhead (Rainbow Trout)

Fly fishing for Steelhead on a Lake Superior tributary.

6 Responses to “Fly Fishing Wisconsin Steelhead (Rainbow Trout)”

  1. rockyamstel007 says:

    Great video…..

  2. tbjonathansommer says:

    Nice video and nice fish!

  3. fishingextremist10 says:

    Try fly fishing for bass

  4. FishingThePNW says:

    awesome footage! this video was very well put together! keep the good stuff coming! 😀

  5. TheMKoutdoors says:

    I subscribed to you. You subscribe to me. I’m gonna post some ice fishing videos maybe tomorrow if we catch anything.

  6. TheBurnsboys says:

    Whut rivers this

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