FLY fishingg????? kinda?

i was wonderinggg if u cannn usee a flyyy on just a normal

instead of a fly fishing

like a baicaster or a spinning reel

will it workk?

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  1. donmccoy63 says:

    yes, you can make it work, with one small addition to your gear- you can’t cast a fly with a normal rod and reel because the fly is not heavy enough.

    But they sell things called casting bubbles- these are bobber that you can partially fill with water to give them weight- this allows you to cast it. then you attach a long leader with the fly.

    This will allow you to cast a fly with a regular rod, but be aware that the heavy splat from the casting bubble may spook the fish, so you need to be careful. Good luck!

  2. hill bill y says:

    use aboober cast it ou and let it sink then move it about a foot and let it sink and keep doing this all the way back in watch your bobber

  3. AIRFLOW says:

    You can but you will need to add some kind of weight to the line even if your using a heavy fly and a fast action spinning rod it wont cast so well, use a fly rod for a better distance, if you still want to use a spinning rod then use a bubble type float/bobber.

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