Greys Streamlite fly Reel Review

A quick look at the new Greys Streamlite 3/4# fly reel.

5 Responses to “Greys Streamlite fly Reel Review”

  1. andmelv1 says:

    great video and nice reel.
    I am new at thisand want as much info as i can before i try fly fishing.
    could you please tell me what is meant on reels by fo instance 6/7 or 4/5.
    thanks andy

  2. yorkshireangler says:

    Cheers Andy PM for you mate…

  3. Muushondje says:

    Nice first look on this reel.

  4. lnaylo12 says:

    did the plastic part wear well ? heard a few reports that its not really up to the job?

  5. yorkshireangler says:

    I’ll get a video done in the next week or two showing the reel 2 seasons on. 

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