Hardy Fly Reel overview from the old to the new. For more information contact the Platte River Fly Shop or visit

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  1. pauladams3 says:

    3/.. but they is a rumour that production cost is going to be reduced further for the electric power for those far east lathes and milling machines by harnessing the power from the vortex of William Hardy spinning in his grave.

  2. pauladams3 says:

    • 2/ ..if your going to do that then market them under a different brand name because Hardy = English, because it is the heart the soul and the reason, and that is tradition & Hardy’s have been made in England for over 100 years and the thought that a Hardy would be made anywhere else but England is so foreign as to defy any accurate description on my part, Why should you S**t on 100+ years of that kind of deep tradition and class to save a few pounds

  3. pauladams3 says:

    1/.. Hardy realised that they was a market and have produced modern replicas of some of the classics which is great, but sorry in my opinion the decision to ship some of the other production to Korea doesn’t sit well with me, I’m not knocking the product but they should have “Made in England” stamped on those to be a true Hardy,

  4. Frederick Bailey says:

    I would really liked this better if there was anything you needed to see. Just shut  your eyes and play like it is a Podcast.

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