HELP through the BS and PR of Fly Fishing?

So many kinds of pole, rods, system….. how dose anyone know what is best for their style of FLY FISHING?? Moreover dose it matter than the fly and presentation?

I thought fishing for wild trout was hard enough!! Trying to learn and understand what is truth verves…… Marketing, PR, and BS is far to hard for me!!

Is anything true or really make any differences? What Fly rod and line i.e. balanced system is good for small trout on small rivers?

Fly Fishing: Fly fishing rods are thin, long, flexible rods sometimes made of bamboo, but mostly from man-made materials. As their name indicates, fly rods are designed to cast a fly (or flea as our mentor used to say). Instead of a weighted fishing lure, a fly rod uses the weight of the fly line for casting, and lightweight rods can cast the very smallest fly (or flea). Fly rods tend to have a single, large diameter line guide, with a number of smaller looped guides placed along the fishing rod to help control the movement of the thick fly line.

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  1. nick says:

    do bottom fishing.get a rod, worm, sinker. go near reeds and let the line drop. place a bread between the 1st and 2nd eye. when the bread drops to the ground the fish is coming near u. if it goes up the fishing is swimming away. retreve. email for more info.

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