How do I adjust the click drag system on my fly reel?

I recently bought a Pflueger pfy kit 2 with the metal 1094 reel. How to I adjust the click drag system?.

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  1. enufofthisshit says:

    Model 1094 has the simplest drag system: It consist of a click drag and rim control. To turn off the drag and use only rim (hand) control go to "Turn off the clicker." Not adjustable mechanically.

    Models in the 1400 and 1500 series:
    There is a constant click drag on these reels but there is also an adjustable drag. Find the plastic screw located on the top of the reel near the reel foot. Turn the screw to tighten or loosen the line. The drag operates only while line is going out. While retrieving line, the spool is completely free.

    Turn the click on or off:
    Model 1094
    1. Remove the spool from the frame.
    2. See the small brass triangle and the clicker wire?
    3. Turn the triangle so the point faces to the right.
    4. Using a small flat head screwdriver, remove the clicker wire and flip it in the opposite direction.
    5. Replace the clicker wire. To activate the click drag, turn the triangle point toward the top of the spool.
    6. Now turn the reel in the right hand direction. All done.

  2. Robert John says:

    many years ago, i owned a fly reel with a clicker, but it wasn’t a drag system, but rather, was just an indicator for line movement, on & off the reel

    that might be the case with your reel too

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