this is driving me CRAZY! i bought a new rod because i make good flies and stuff but i don’t know how to set it up. I got the reel on the rod but theres backing…and all this stuff. i will be fishing for trout. Please can someone help me?!

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  1. joed says:

    The backing goes on the reel first. Then connect the fly line with a nail knot. The leader gets connected to the end of the fly line either with a nail knot or a loop to loop set up.

    The bottom of this web page will give you a lot of good info. to help you get started, including animated knots, leader length help, a beginners glossary and much more:

  2. AIRFLOW says:

    I could go on for days, telling you about the right amount of backing, types, line densities, leaders, tippets, line profiles etc however you will learn these things over times, the diagram if you scroll down on this website helps a lot when your starting out, showing you what knots to use and where

  3. grey_worms says:

    just do it… the fish don`t care what type of knot we use… we use a clinch knot for to tie the fly on… we use a double clinch knot to tie on our tippet… and we use a nail knot to tie on our leaders… recommends just tying a loop in your fly line then tying your leader on to that if you’re having a hard time with the nail knot… we have never tied on backing… they`ve always done that at the store… only used our backing once when we’re trolling in a lake… caught a nice rainbow today…in the river… 🙂 good luck…

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