How It’s Made Fly Fishing Reels

Discovery / Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” Fly Fishing Reels episode

8 Responses to “How It’s Made Fly Fishing Reels”

  1. Andrew03251 says:

    whats the song in the background?

  2. middletech says:

    All that milling seemed wasteful at the beginning. Why don’t they just get the general shape from castings first and then machine from there?

  3. fusionstar916 says:

    because castings are more expensive than rounds. All the material machined out is recycled.

  4. middletech says:

    Thanksfor the fdac

  5. enzyme12345 says:

    A reel made from a cast is also generally weaker than one that is milled from aluminum bar stock.

  6. bleubill says:

    Fun to watch, especially after you have disassembled and re-assembled your own reel.

  7. marco22560 says:

    Cool vid. I remember working at Abel Automatics when they had just four reels manufactured, that was back in ’86-’87.

  8. sundogforlove says:

    Do you just have one female working there?

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